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The XLGIRLS Customer Service Rep


At The SCORE Group’s customer service department (XL Girls section), the very best attention is devoted to our magazine, DVD and website customers. As personified and exemplified by Serenity Starr in this photo shoot and video, our dedicated, experienced professionals are more than eager to help customers choose from a wide range of the greatest big-tit, big-ass DVDs. When you call, you will not be transferred to an office in Outer Tajikistan.

Admittedly, there are moments of down-time–not too often–when Serenity has caught up with orders and calls and she starts to get a little frisky, especially when another staffer walks into the customer service area with a camera.

You will see exactly what this means after you start rolling this scene, Serenity’s second video. We tell ya, the second Serenity walked through the front door of The SCORE Group and sat down in the conference room for an interview that turned into a breast-fest and finger-jamboree, we knew this was the girl for us. Serenity, a musician, singer and baker, has everything you need, so please let her assist you. She’ll be more than happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Date: December 3, 2020