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Andi Peacock Starts The Day Off Right


Getting ready to go to work, Andi Peacock is taking a shower when Mr. Peacock pulls back the curtain to watch her soap up her big, beautiful tits and big, beautiful ass. He can’t resist giving Andi a hand. Who could resist her? He reaches out to feel her soft tit-flesh and perky nipples. Andi turns around at his request so he can see her soap her juicy butt. Andi is a huge tease but a huge tease who delivers. Here’s a woman who would be teasing even if she were simply making breakfast or watering the lawn.

Out of the tub, Andi puts her makeup on and gets dressed. When she goes into the bedroom to say bye to Mr. Peacock, he’s in bed with his cock out. He asks to see her tits before she drives off. Andi lowers her top and shows him her twin treasures nestled in her bra cups. Mr. Peacock can’t let Andi run off without tasting his dick. Ever-smiling, she kneels to suck him.

Before she leaves, he rubs his dick on her breasts and sticks it between them. Telling Andi she still has time before she gets to her office, he waves his boner at her and talks her into getting all of her clothes and underwear off.

Andi kneels again and tit-fucks his cock, sucks on it and sucks his nuts, making popping sounds. Turning around, Andi teases him again and rubs her ass on his shaft, wet from her mouth. He wedges his cock into Andi’s tight pussy and she bounces on it.

Andi joins him in bed and gets on her hands and knees so he can fuck her from behind. He pounds Andi fast and hard, making her scream and squirt. She turns around to ride in the cowgirl position and cums again, squirting on his dick. Ready for more fucking, Andi lies on her back, spreads her legs wide and takes his cock in her bushy pussy, her tits shaking as he fucks her.

Once more, Andi sprays his dick with her pussy juices. She squeezes her heavy hooters together and sticks her tongue out, eager for his man-juice to glaze her tits. Andi wants some of that sticky cum in her mouth and opens wide so she can clean his cock with her tongue. What a great wife Andi Peacock is.

Date: December 12, 2020