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Brickhouse Brawd


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“I think a girl can have a relationship with one guy and still fuck a lot of guys in movies,” said Karla. She likes making porn vids and explains why. “There’s no strings and most of the guys in porn have pretty nice, big dicks. Believe me, it’s safer for a girl to do porn than run around fucking the guys that they meet in clubs the same night!”

Karla is one of those dedicated oralists who likes to make sexy slurping and popping sounds when she pulls a man’s prick out of her mouth on the upstroke and more sounds on the downstroke into her throat. She thoroughly services Jarrod Steel’s cock with her hands, lips and tits. Her pussy is bushy with dark hair, a rarity these days. Karla sits on the pole, filling her cunt.

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Date: December 15, 2020