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Anal Angel


British honey Angel Sweets phones a company about their line of skin creams. She asks if a salesman can come over and demonstrate their products. They send George over to big-chested Angel’s flat. George is their best man at servicing female customers. He’s always hard at work. When he sees Angel, he is determined to satisfy her needs.

Angel checks out the hand cream they make. Then she wants to try the firming skin cream for her big breasts. This is George’s lucky day. They don’t make tit cream so he shows her another lotion. Angel asks if he has a special massaging technique he uses. Jackpot! He’s pleased to get his hands on her national treasures and demonstrate his …uhh…”technique.”

Angel takes her huge knockers out of her top as George rubs away. She asks him in a matter-of-fact way if this product will firm her breasts. Angel starts to breathe very heavily and her nipples stiffen. “I like it,” she whispers. As long as George is working on her tits, he might as well suck her nipples. Angel sticks out a long tongue to lick her nipples also. Now to seal the deal.

George moves Angel’s panties to the side and sticks a finger in her pussy. He gives her a quick finger-bang, then slips off her panties. Angel lies back on the couch with her legs parted, her big boobs in both hands. George tongues her shaved pussy and finger-fucks the busty blonde again, this time very hard and fast.

Angel reaches for his cock. She fancies a good shagging. George turns her around so her ass is in the air and he can take her from behind. They stop so Angel can suck and tit-fuck him. She sits on him, then gets on her back. George penetrates Angel’s butt this time and pumps. This drives Angel over the edge. Her eyes roll back, her mouth opens wide and she screams loudly in passion and pleasure during her bum-banging.

George pulls out of Angel’s tight butt, ready to pop. She jacks him off with one hand while she frigs her pussy with the other hand. Her grip makes him cum in her waiting mouth as she stares at him. After watching her two XXX scenes at XL Girls, It’s clear to us that Angel is one very horny lady.

Date: December 18, 2020