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Mae Montgomery: The 38J-Cup Morning Show


Mae Montgomery has a big apartment to play in and show you her spectacular body and huge 36J boobs. Originally from Georgia, pretty Mae now lives in Tennessee. is the place for her to be.

Mae’s special talents:

“I can actually do different voices. I would love to be a voice actor for cartoons but it’s not something you can just get into. I’m really good at hearing a voice and knowing who it is. I also love to sing at karaoke and in my spare time I write songs. Other than that, honestly, I am amazing at sucking a hard cock and it’s one of my favorite things to do. My jaw can unhinge, and before I had my tonsils removed I could deep throat anything without gagging. But I just need to work on taking bigger things again.”

Favorite fantasy:

“One fantasy I’ve had is I’ve always wanted to get a massage, and in the middle where they massage your thighs they just start running their hands closer between my lips. I need my ass massaged and they keep moving between my thighs and cheeks until they finally start rubbing my girl and start playing with me, but after I cum they finish the massage.”

Date: December 18, 2020