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Mia Sweetheart: Goddess of Boobs & Booty


The vivacious and lovely Mia Sweetheart begins her sexy show by dancing, gyrating and rotating her hips. Always-popular and desirable at, Mia loves to twerk that juicy booty and shake her bigger-than-big boobs. Mia’s cheeky shorts show some bottom buns and her top displays her large, luscious cleavage.

After her breast-jiggling, booty-bouncing dance, Mia introduces herself. She says she’s been shopping and is going to try on some of her bras and panties.

Mia tells us who made the bra and the bra size before putting each one on and modeling it for us. She shows us her technique for putting on her bras. She leaves each bra on for about a minute, jiggles and bounces and turns slowly around. If we were bra manufacturers, we’d hire Mia in a second to model bras for our catalogs.

Mia gets naked and rubs white lotion into her awesome breasts. She lies back on her couch and takes out a wand to please her pussy. The buzzing it makes sounds like an airplane about to take off but it’s Mia who flies away on the wings of pleasure.

Date: December 21, 2020