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Suzumi Wilder is down to get down to her birthday suit and cream her entire body with white lotion. Hands squeeze her big jugs and fingers fap her young pussy. It’s a messy cumshow and it’s hot.

44DDD Suzumi shared dressing room space one day with over-60, busty GILF Sally D’Angelo. She looked at Sally with awe. Hot modeling is no longer the domain of only young women. It was a vivid contrast.

“I love to play video games, maybe way too much,” said Suzumi. “I play lots of World of Warcraft and Wildstar.” We asked if she likes those P.O.V. shooter games. She said she’s more fantasy oriented in her gaming. Too bad they don’t make busty big girl games. They could make a character using Suzumi as their inspiration.

Suzumi is really open about sex and open to a lot of horny ideas. She watches a lot of porn when she has the time, something many models between 18 and 30 do these days, mostly because of the Internet and porn going mainstream in some ways. Girls don’t have to walk into adult stores and rent videos to see naked people and couples and groups doing the dirty like an earlier generation had to. Too bad for the male customers of those stores.

Date: December 24, 2020