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Candy Kat: An XLGirl Who’s A Pussycat


Candy Kat described her previous employment as a “soap bubble can seller.” That and her huge breasts and sexy, plump body certainly qualifies Candy to pose for She has all the right stuff.

This scene with delightfully delicious Candy definitely nails our concept of good housekeeping the XL Girls way. Dishwashing, ironing and vacuuming, plus a break for a banana and a nap make for a full day of domestic duty. We are not slavedrivers. When Candy’s tank top gets soaked, she takes it off and presses on with her work. We love this girl.

What essentials should we know about Candy?

“I ride a bike, roller skate and regularly visit a gym. I rarely watch sports. I love to spend time with my dog and I like to play games on my PC. I am a very sociable girl and I get along easily with people. Men get stupid when they see breasts of this size. If I go for a walk with my friends, I will emphasize my chest, of course. I am very proud of my big breasts.”

Date: January 11, 2021