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Making her first visit to, Czech plumper MILF Lea doesn’t just sit around and wait for her fuck partner Patrick to get on-set and give her the dick. She squeezes her big, fat tits and rubs and fingers her nipples.

Just as impatient Lea is licking her fingers and rubbing her thick pussy lips, Patrick shows up already hard, waving his boner hands-free at her. She smiles and immediately gives his cock a tongue bath, licking and sucking it, sometimes hands-free, sometimes holding it in her hand, and licking his bloated balls. Patrick said he loves heavy, older women with large tits because they’re grateful and show their appreciation.

Patrick shows Lea some appreciation by eating her pussy and sticking a finger in before he slides his dick into her already wet hole and deep-fucks her. Lea seemed to really like this guy’s cock because between positions, she wanted it back in her throat. In Czech, Lea told the photographer that she didn’t know how thick he was and he really stretched her pussy when it was inside her. She wanted to know if he made house calls.

Date: January 17, 2021