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Mae Montgomery: XLGirl Goes To Her Happy Place


Spending quality time with lovely, plump playmate Mae Montgomery is XLGirls heaven. She likes to drive guys crazy-horny with her lush body and giant tits. Mae gets playful in the kitchen and even more playful once she reaches the bedroom. She gets very vocal when she’s going to her happy place, and that’s a good thing.

XLGirls: So Mae, what kind of dates do you like?

Mae: I’m pretty easy-going. Just a dinner where we both love the food and walking around Target makes me happy. I love walking, so if we could grab drinks and walk around a park or do a picnic or walk to dinner, I’d love that. I also love lights, so anything with a great view of a city or a dark restaurant with crazy lights just makes me feel warm and comfortable. But when it comes down to it, I just like good food and good company.

XLGirls: Do you consider yourself sexually assertive or passive?

Mae: I can be both. I love to be dominated and to have the ability to just let whatever happens happen. But I also love to be in control when it comes to oral. I have a technique and a rhythm and I can’t give my best performance if I am being controlled.

Date: January 17, 2021