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Oxana Minsk: The Girl With 42G-cups


Oxana Minsk put on a sexy bodysuit to wear outside but the weather turned bad. When she looked out her kitchen window and saw what was brewing, she changed her mind. What’s a girl to do? Oxana has a pretty good idea. Take off her outfit, fondle her huge breasts and give her pussy a rubdown.

Oxana enjoys having her nipples sucked and fingers exploring her pussy. She cums good from that kind of pleasure.

“I love it when guys pay attention to me and tell me I’m attractive,” Oxana said. “When I go out, I do wear low-cut tops that will show my cleavage but I don’t wear clothing that’s too sexy. I don’t want people staring at me. I’m kinda curious about what the XLGirls members will think about me wearing this.”

Date: January 23, 2021