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The Perfect Wife: Andi Peacock


Wow! What an amazing wife Andi Peacock is. All men should be so fortunate. No wonder Mr. Peacock is wild about her. She takes care of him anytime, anywhere. Here’s a video you’ll add to your go-to collection.

While lovely Andi is tending to her plants, we watch her working, dressed in her sexy garden girl outfit, and so does Mr. Peacock. He wants that sweet mouth on his cock and much more.

Andi stops her gardening, comes over to him and gives his cock a suck. They make their way to the bedroom where Andi gets a dab of lube on her heavy and big tits to get them ready for tit-fucking.

Mrs. Peacock gives him a steamy cock jerking, dick and balls sucking and eats his ass, all with the lustiest of looks on her pretty face. Turning around, Andi sits on his pole for the first of their hard, hot fucks that gets her soaking his dick with pussy juice.

XLGirls: Do you dress to show off your breasts when you go out?

Andi: I usually do. I enjoy the looks and how it makes me feel sexy and beautiful. Plus my husband loves it.

XLGirls: What about masturbation?

Andi: Occasionally. Usually I do with my vibrator.

XLGirls: Do you have any sex fantasies?

Andi: Sex in the rain, threesomes with two men and sex with women.

XLGirls: What satisfies you?

Andi: When a man knows how to pleasure me and can make me cum.

XLGirls: Your favorite position?

Andi: Missionary.

Date: January 23, 2021