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Mia Sweetheart: A Whole Lotta Boob Shakin’ Going On


Mia Sweetheart teaches you how to tell girls in Romanian that they have really nice boobs and really nice asses. That should come in handy if you ever take a vacation in Romania. Just make sure their husbands don’t hear you say that.

Mia is looking sweet and sexy in her tight, spaghetti-strap dress. She knows how to pick outfits that make a guy’s head spin. She peels off the dress and we are treated to the heavenly sight of her twerking her booty and shaking her huge tits, first standing, then on her bed. Mia takes a cock-shaped dong out of her nightstand drawer to show us her blow job skills in close-up before using it to pleasure her pussy.

Mia told us how she makes her man happy and vice versa.

“I love to offer gifts, but with guys, the best gifts are blow jobs. If someone wants to make me happy, they can cook for me. In bed, I love it when I get a nice massage with lots of oil. That gives me a nice, relaxing sensation.”

Date: January 29, 2021