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A Weiner For Reyna


A Weiner For Reyna is the title of this scene, Since there are actual weiners in this scene besides Bam’s weiner, there is truth in advertising.

“We broke the bed like three times and kept ending up on the floor,” Reyna Mae told us. “He’s quiet but a good performer. The concept was cute too!”

Reyna is having a BBQ feast and Bam has come over with beer. We first see Reyna and her 36K jugs grilling a bunch of plumpers. She gives us the eye and jiggles her huge boobs. Reyna’s wearing a tight mini-dress that zips up the front, just right for zipping down for action.

She picks up a weiner with her tongs and teases Bam by tonguing the tip. “How far down can it go?” asks Bam. Reyna jiggles for him. He reaches out and asks her if she can take them out outside. ‘We can take them out inside,” Reyna replies, ready for some real weiner fun, and leads him through the patio door to the bedroom.

Reyna sits on the bed and unzips so Bam can examine and admire her massive mounds as he kneads and sucks them. He completes her zip down and the dress drops to the floor. She turns around and gets on her knees on the bed to show Bam her ass. He slides off her sheer black panties and spreads her butt cheeks, sticking a finger in her pussy.

It’s weiner time for Reyna. She’ll plump it up and cook it to perfection.

Date: February 4, 2021