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Nikki Smith: Your Curvy Living Doll


Happy Nikki Smith is just chilling in bed and feeling cozy, tucked up in a comforter. You want to fuck her not tuck her in. You pull back the comforter and there before you is Nikki in a tiny tank top which barely contains her giant tits. She stands up so your can drink in her curvy, soft body. She spins around to show you her butt tucked in little panties.

You feel her up, and pulling back her panties, take a peek at her pussy. Nikki unhooks her bra and out come her heavy, fully-loaded tits. Laughing, Nikki bounces up and down. She wants you to feel those amazing hangers.

Taking off her panties, she gets back into bed and opens her legs. He bush is trimmed and ready for action. She rubs her clit and pussy curtains and rubs her tits some more. Then she turns around and gets on her hands and knees to show the rear view of her ass cheeks, honey-hole and butt portal.

The giving type, Nikki has a surprise for you and reaches over to get an orange toy. She places it behind her and slides it deep into her asshole. What do you think as you watch her stick it in and out of her butt? How many girls do you know who will do that in front of you? She pulls it out and begins fingering her pussy while you replace the toy in her ass with your finger.

Heated up, Nikki puts your rigid dick in her hungry mouth and sucks and tongues it good. Once it’s dripping wet from Nikki’s mouth juice, it’s time to hide the salami in her hills and then pump it hard into her pink love-tunnel. Fuck her firmly and make her cum, then you can pop while she sticks out her long tongue waiting for her cum feeding.

Date: February 4, 2021