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Nikky Wilder’s One-Night Stand


Nikky Wilder eye-bangs JMac and tells him in her bedroom voice what she wants to do to him. They’re dressed like they just came from a Pimps and Hoes Ball. As always, JMac can’t wait to get his hands on this XL Girl’s juicy body and big 38DDD tits.

Nikky begins her ride by squatting on JMac’s pole, then leans back and takes it deep sideways. She cries out about his “good cock” and gives his tool other compliments as he rams into her soaking-wet pussy at full speed. Big men who power fuck make Nikky wet.

JMac gets Nikky on her hands and knees to drill her from behind and spank her booty. Her big boobs dangle and swing like pendulums from the force of his thrusts. With one motion, he picks Nikky up and holds her for a standing bang, then lowers her to the floor for his patented pile-driver, which drives Nikky over the edge to big titty cum-city.

Date: February 10, 2021