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Sarah Jane Gets Happy With Two Studs


Sarah Jane talked about this threesome.

“I had so much fun and got very, very wet. I would tell them to fuck me harder and they did. The best part was getting covered in two lots of cum. Yummy!”

Sarah Jane chats with the XL Girls photographer before her two fuck-mates enter the picture. He tells her how much he likes her accent. “People say I sound so innocent,” Sarah replies.

Sarah talks about her cum passion. She likes getting covered by sperm. Her face. Her tits. Her body. “The most I ever had was 32 guys spunk on my face. My innocent face. I loved it.” She says she likes at least two guys fucking her and pantomimes jerking a cock on each side.

Asked about her hobbies, Sarah mentions going to swing parties, getting naked in the woods and skinny-dipping. Everything revolves around sex and being naked. Now if you ever met Sarah Jane but didn’t know anything about her, you’d never guess. She looks like that nice woman-next-door who waves hello when she’s checking her mailbox.

Our photographer makes Sarah a cheery girl when he lets the hounds out. She takes each cock in her hands and does what she had pantomimed earlier. “I’m so happy,” Sarah says right before she tastes each Czech super-stud’s tool. We’re happy to have made Sarah Jane happy.

Date: February 13, 2021