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Scarlet Peach Goes To The Medical Center


Lovely redhead Scarlet Peach goes to the doctor for an examination. It’s not known where she found this doctor or what his qualifications are but he does have an unorthodox bedside manner and an unusual-looking exam room.
Scarlet’s issues are difficulty concentrating, being anxious, getting easily distracted and having a wet pussy. Scarlet also says her nipples are very sensitive.

The doctor diagnoses all of this as hysteria, a diagnosis that was popular in the 19th century. We don’t see having a wet pussy and sensitive nipples as medical issues but we are photographers, not physicians.

The doctor begins his exam by telling Scarlet to get undressed so he can examine her sexy body. She leaves her black stockings and high heels on. He gives Scarlet a complete, hands-on breast exam and a complete digital examination of her shaved pussy, not once but twice.

The doctor wants to see Scarlet sit down, spread her legs wide and describe more of her issues using her fingers so he can understand what kind of treatment she may need. She’s a very good patient and obeys his instructions. Most likely, he’ll have Scarlet Peach come in once a week for an undetermined number of weeks.

Date: February 13, 2021