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Naia Bee: Cum Honey


Tyler checks out Naia Bee’s astounding anatomy and has a load of questions he wants to ask her as they sit on the bed. Naia’s wearing a tight, blue dress that’s perfect for her curvy body. He wants to know if he has the kind of dick she likes. Naia unzips him, and like a Jack in the box, his boner pops out ready for her inspection. Naia gives him the seal of approval with her talented lips, working his dick over with her hot mouth.

Tyler moves his cock from Naia’s throat to between her big, plush boobs for a tit-fucking. Naia pulls her dress off and sits on the bed in her bra and panties to give him a little show and a taste of what he’s going to be receiving. She can lick her nipples, which is always a turn-on. From behind, he plays with Naia’s breasts, jiggling and fondling them. She climbs into bed, ready for the hot beef injection.

“I love lots of nipple play and my favorite position is cowgirl,” Naia said. She gets a good spanking and also spanks herself as she’s getting fucked. As she pumps and grinds his cock in reverse cowgirl facing the camera, Naia lets go of her knockers so they can bounce. What a beautiful sight!

Date: February 25, 2021