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XLGirl Ally Rayz In Heat


The big show at begins with Ally Rayz straddling Nicky Rebel on his back in bed. Ally introduces herself to us and then to Nicky as she jerks and sucks on his boner.

Ally kneels on the bed as Nicky stands so his dick is in line with her huge boobs. She licks and strokes his dick some more. Ally’s heavy hangers invite Nicky to lick them.

Ally turns around to show him her big ass. He squeezes her thick cheeks and finger-fucks her, first in doggie and then on her back. Ally wants the cock inside her. Nicky gets on his back so she can get on top and lower her pussy onto his pole. His dick thrusts up and her ass thrusts down, making Ally loudly moan. She’ll be making those sex sounds as they assume various positions: Ally in reverse cowgirl, then on all fours, her tits swinging and bouncing fast, and also in missionary.

“With girls, I’m assertive in bed but with guys, I’m passive,” Ally said. “I love to be fingered, have my breasts played with, and clitoral stimulation is another favorite way to cum.”

Date: February 28, 2021