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Amanda Remington: Brickhouse Rental Agent


How does one find rental agents with curvy, buxom bodies, big tits and rear bumpers? Who wears short skirts, low-cut see-through blouses and stripper heels like Amanda Remington, brickhouse rental agent with a blast furnace sex drive?

It’s not easy.

Amanda is showing an apartment to the friendly neighborhood perv Nicky. He can’t keep his eyes off her chest and ass and Amanda can see that. Didn’t he see her in a movie?

The place is warm so Amanda takes off her jacket. She’s wearing a blouse that shows everything. Nicky is in her power. “You can touch them,” Amanda tells him, playing with her big breasts through the sheer fabric. That’s an invitation he can’t refuse. Amanda is a worshipper of young, hard dick, and when she wants to get fucked, she gets what she wants.

Miss Remington shows Nicky the bedroom, but not to seal the rental deal. She wants him to fuck her hard and go balls deep. That’s exactly what he does. She wants to suck his dick and get eaten out. When you’re looking for a new place to live, it’s important to keep your rental agents happy and satisfied. Because when they’re satisfied, they’ll satisfy you with tricks you’ve never done before.

Date: March 6, 2021