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Carla4Garda Has A Fetish For The Men In Blue


38GG-cupper Carla4Garda really loves the police force. We mean, this big-boobed lass really loves them, especially the Gardai (An Garda Siochana), the police force of the Republic of Ireland. Carla4Garda is well-known in Galway for her pro-police stance. Very pro-police.

“I have a massive fetish for Garda,” Carla4Garda told us. “Most people drive towards a Garda car checkpoint and shit it. Me, I have fanny flutters.”

“I am a very sexual person,” Carla4Garda told the Irish Star newspaper. “One of my interests are policemen. When I went looking for Garda porn, I couldn’t find anything. In the UK they have police porn or fake police porn. Here, there is nothing.”

When she was in Prague for her XL Girls shoots, Carla spent some free time ogling the local Czech policemen. Like we mentioned, Carla4Garda really likes cops and their clubs.

“I find them so sexy. I’ve had sexual encounters with 41 Guards now in total,” Carla4Garda said at the time this scene was filmed. “I’ve fucked some in and over squad cars and in the stations.”

Date: March 6, 2021