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Cum For Kitty


“Off-camera I’m not very sexually active anymore,” Mischievous Kitty said. “I’ve been so busy concentrating on building up my adult life that I haven’t really had the time to go and find a partner to dick me down on the regular. When I am in a relationship or some sort of sexual agreement, I like to have sex at least every other day, if not every day.”

On this day, Kitty does the tit-tango with JMac. She goes to see him under false pretenses so she can get fucked, and the always affable stud is not going to turn away a horny, attractive girl with 44-inch tits.

Kitty wants to show him up-close and personal how she gives a guy a blow job, makes spit strings and chokes and gags on cock. She also demonstrates her advanced degree in power tit-fucking.

JMac gives Kitty the high-powered fucking she came for, including the pile-driver position. Kitty’s very limber and flexible and can handle it. She screams and cries out nasty words as JMac pops her pussy, pushing her thighs down to drill deeper. Kitty gives him added visual stimulation by jiggling her nipple-pierced, heavy tits while she’s upside down. He makes Kitty beg him for his blessing: the cum load she wants.

Date: March 12, 2021