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The Lavina Dream Sexy Work-Out


Lavina Dream’s workout video starts off at an action-packed pace and never lets up. First, a jog outside before Lavina does calisthenics, her naked big boobs swinging.

Inside the equipment room, Lavina slows down the fast pace to do side-twists and other exercises on the stationary bicycle. You will get exhausted just watching Lavina move.

“It’s so hot in here, I can’t stand this shirt on me anymore,” Lavina says, pulling off her tank and tackling the seated machine chest press. Seeing Lavina’s heavy mountains compressed together as she does the reps is an image that will sear into your brain. You won’t be looking at gym equipment or gyms the same way ever again.

Reps completed, Lavina sucks on her nipples, then jiggles her twins, something she couldn’t do at a public gym. Peeling off her tight work-out pants and thong panties, Lavina continues doing things not seen at any gym you’ve ever been to. Sitting on her yoga mat, Lavina spanks herself hard. This was quite a fitness session.

Date: March 18, 2021