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How Greta Grindhouse Takes Care of Herself


Will robots one day replace flesh ‘n’ blood men in the sex department? It’s a question that’s been asked for decades. We fear now that we’re starting to see the signs of that possibility. We’re here to tell you to keep abreast of this situation. Will men become obsolete as bringers of female sexual pleasure?

Beautiful and well-endowed with big, juicy tits and a big butt, Greta Grindhouse shows us how she takes care of herself when a guy is not around to bury his face and dick between her legs and all other erogenous zones. Watch as Greta says “hello to her little friend” and gets her wet, creamy pussy filled, stuffed and fucked by robo-cock. Yes, this hot and sexy redhead puts the word great in Greta.

“I recently discovered how to squirt,” said Greta. “I always have my favorite dildo and vibrator to get the job done. Having my vibrator on my clit while getting fucked is one of my favorite things.”

As Greta’s sex machine pounds into her shaved pussy, she uses a vibrator on her clit to send her even higher into the cum-zone.

Men, beware of the rise of the robots.

Date: March 21, 2021