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Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor


The story you are about to see with sexy Andi Ray and Milan at is based on a true story we made up. We hope it will stimulate an interest in the benefits of education, especially among politicians.

Milan is a rebellious college student who is going to flunk out if he doesn’t crack those books. This upsets his tutor, the strikingly charismatic and shapely Ms. Ray, who is going to strike him in the face with her big, soft breasts if he doesn’t straighten out.

Milan doesn’t believe in education or working at getting a college degree and buries his head in his smartphone while Andi attempts to talk sense into him. What he fails to understand is that without education and higher learning, the smartphone could not have been invented, and without that phone, he wouldn’t be able to send girls dick-pics.

Ms. Ray gets so exasperated and triggered by his behavior that she leaves the room to cool off after trying to get through to him. Then she has her lightbulb moment. Taking off her blouse and skirt, Andi returns to confront Milan. When he sees what his prim and proper tutor looks like in her bra and panties, he suffers brain freeze from boob drunkenness. He never realized how smoking-hot her body is without clothing covering up that heavenly view.

Andi decides that she’ll straighten Milan out–really straighten him out–by fucking and sucking his brains out until he sees the light. Hopefully, Andi’s shock treatment will prove successful and Milan will have some brains left after she’s drained him dry. If anyone can do it, curvy educator Andi Ray can.

Date: April 5, 2021