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Beautiful Chubby Saggy Titted Redhead


Texan Lexi Summers wanted to be a porn star. So she trained for the position. Glamour modeling was not for Lexi.

“I turned 18 and just started modeling. I was never a dancer. After I had done a few nude photo shoots, I got really comfortable and I thought that I could do this as a career. I did a lot of modeling in Texas and then I started modeling with an agency, which is how I ended up coming to Florida.”

Lexi shows off her bod in a full-length mirror and says what she’s going to do to Jack. Jack enters the room and starts sucking her nipples. He fucks her tits as she sits on the edge of the bed.

She blows him, then lies back so he can fuck her tits some more. She enjoys having her tits fucked and moans. He opens her legs for fucking and pounds her. She moans and cries a lot while he stretches her meaty pussy.

Lexi asks him to slap her knockers while he fucks her. An unusual request. Jack bangs her hard and, true to his name, strokes off on her tits, coating them with cream.

“Was it everything you expected?” the director asks Lexi. “Better,” she replies. “Why don’t you rub the cum into your tits?” he asks. Lexi obeys. That’s the great thing about most porn stars and starlets. They’re good at accepting requests, at least on-camera.

Date: May 25, 2021