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Fat Bitch With Heavy Super Low Hangers


Shopping for tops and blouses is a challenge for Demora Avarice. She’s 4’11” and has a 34O bust!

In this scene, Demora tries on some and tests them in her own unique way. It’s incredible. Demora is a real charmer and has camera charisma.

“My last name actually means greedy, which is very appropriate because I have boob greed,” Demora told our photographer.

“I have an exaggerated vision of a body type that I like for myself, and that vision happens to have large breasts. I like my breasts. I hope the readers like them too.”

That’s guaranteed.

Demora is also a CNA or certified nursing assistant. For you XLGirls experts, name the popular model who is also a CNA. The answer is in the photo section of this scene.

Date: July 10, 2021