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Fat Girl With Monster Sized Ass


Lucy Lenore is powdering her face and neck, but slowly and seductively, she inches down to her boobs. Soon, she’s gazing into the camera intently with an inviting smile in her eyes as she powders her 36J-cup naturals.

“Now that I know my outfit is perfect, I’m going to shower and make sure that I’m perfect,” Lucy says as she unstraps her belt and squeezes out of her dress. “And I forgot to shave.”

We’d say that Lucy is always perfect, but we’re a bit biased when it comes to girls like Lucy. You could roll her up in saran wrap and we’d say she’s among the hottest women we’ve ever seen. Hmm… wrapped in saran wrap…. That may be a good idea for Lucy’s next shoot.

Before Lucy jumps into the shower, the camera pans up and down her body while she spins around, letting us eye every inch of her body. Her curves are stunning. She didn’t even have to jump into the shower to make things steamy. But it only gets better when she does jump into the shower. Lathering up her body, Lucy looks ready for a hard fucking. Our minds are racing and our cocks are stiff.

And the real fun begins when she grabs her shaving cream and razor. It’s too hot and too intimate for words. Enjoy, gentlemen.

Date: September 20, 2021