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Fat Blonde Fucked By Muscular Stud


Kiki Rainbow is dressed and ready to go out. She sits, brushes her long blond hair and watches Tom with some annoyance as he polishes his motorcycle. Now, Tom is the kind of rider who keeps his bike in the living room and lavishes a lot of attention on it. Kiki would rather have that attention on her horny body and get polished just as lovingly.

So Kiki has every right to complain to Tom about where’s he’s laying his hands. She wants some action and makes sure that Tom knows it by sticking her huge breasts in his face. This wakes Tom up and makes him realize that he’d better keep this lusty dish warmed up all of the time or she’s going to find another daddy to dick her down. She drops her dress to expose her heavy British boobs and studiously sucks his boner. Tom catches on quickly that his attention is better saved for Kiki than his bike.

Kiki actually likes bikes. “I like to watch motorsports: drifting, rallying, touring cars and motorbike trials. But I love sucking a big, hard cock better and seeing my partner squirt his creamy load all over my boobs and face or in my mouth so I can swallow it.”

Date: December 18, 2021