BBW Girls With Huge Ass And Tits
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Kitty Amore Is Fat And So Damn Soft All Over


This Kitty will charm the pants off ya.

Kitty Amore has what you want. Big boobs. Big butt. Sexy legs. Soft curves. Some girls exude sexual energy. Kitty practically glows in the dark with it. She bangs you with her eyes.

“I’ve done many things in my life,” Kitty said. “I love working with photographers, meeting people and being creative. Being a model is definitely the most-fun thing I’ve ever done.”

Kitty is the first Brit we’ve filmed since Georgina Gee. We saw Kitty on Twitter, but she already knew about The SCORE Group.

“I went on a date with a man who loves big boobs. He told me about SCORE, and after seeing how tasteful their work is, I’ve wanted to shoot for them for a while.”

Kitty tells you a story in her bedroom voice, jiggles, fondles and licks her huge tits, strokes her pussy and plunges a dong deep inside her kitty. She moves like a dancer, smoothly and slowly.

Date: April 18, 2022