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Laura Tithapia Fat Bitch Fucked Hard In The Bathroom


Laura Tithapia is dressed for a night out and is beautifying herself in the bathroom. Her low-cut blouse shows off lots of juicy cleavage and her short skirt reveals lots of sexy legs in black stockings. She is a whole lotta woman and more than a handful.

Mark Dozer comes into the bathroom for a shower after his gym workout. He sees Laura all dolled up and gets an instant boner. This does not escape Laura’s boner detector.

Laura eyes him up and down like a piece of beef. There’s going to be a slight delay in the evening plans. When the time, place and mood is right, Laura is all in for hot sex. She takes out her big, fleshy tits for Mark to suck and fuck.

While Mark is standing in the tub, Laura bends forward at the waist, her tits hanging out of her top, her underwear and her stockings still on. She tries to swallow Mark’s enormous cock to the root, gagging and choking in a hands-free blow job scene.

Getting out of the tub, Mark positions Laura standing against the sink countertop with her ass up so he can fuck her from behind and hold her dangling tits. Laura can see herself getting rammed, her tits swinging. She wants more of this in different positions and lies back on the counter. She can’t get enough of this guy.

Mark fills her pussy and pumps while Laura rubs her clit. They won’t stop fucking until they’ve done it all over the bathroom, including in the tub. Laura has that effect on her fuck partners.

Date: April 18, 2022